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Available positions

Chef at Work

Assistant Cook / Manager

Responsible for running operations. Opening and closing shop. All prepping and cooking. Putting together customer orders. Assisting staff, problem solving, communicating with owner, cleaning kitchen areas. Setting up bags, labels, taking inventory, and prepping kitchen for work.
Must have prior cooking experience or well versed in cooking in bulk. Must be dependable, good communicator, honest, hard working, fast paced and teachable.

Hours are:

Fridays: 8am-12pm

Saturdays 3:30am-2pm

Sundays: As needed: 6am-11am

Training pay starts at $12/hr

Line team

Responsible for assisting staff with building our customers meal bowls, measuring products, lidding, labeling and bagging orders. 
Position may also include cleaning, errands, dish washing and assisting in kitchen. 

No prior experience needed, training provided.

Hours are Saturdays: 6am-2pm 

(End times vary with order amounts)

Training pay starts at $10/hr

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Responsible for washing, drying and putting away all dishes. Cleaning sinks and wash area. Possible help with end of shift cleaning, trash take out and restocking.

Hours are Saturdays: 9am-2pm 

(End times vary with order amounts)

Training pay starts at $10/hr

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