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We make your healthy lifestyle easier than pie!

We provide healthy, portion controlled, macro friendly, precooked, packaged meals. We have the choices of breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as side salads, snack packs, protein muffins and our special of the week. We also offer keto-style meals now!


Our menu changes weekly and each size portion has the macro breakdown on the website and on each label of the meal you order!


Our commercial certified kitchen is located in the heart of Waco and is approved by the board of health. All employees are certified and licensed in food handling, nutrition and are all macro weighing experts!


Meal orders are due every Wednesday by midnight and ready on Sundays!

We have free pickup in Waco at our kitchen location as well as in Temple at TrueCore Fitness off of West Adams and KM Fitness in Lorena, TX.

We now offer delivery inside Waco on Sundays and Mondays for $10

Pickup Times

Waco: Sun: 1-11p | Mon: 5a-11p | Tues: 5a-11p

Temple: Mon-Wed: 8:30a-12pm / 5p-7:30pm

Lorena: Mon-Wed: 7-9a / 5p-7:30pm

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